Iconixx for Sales Incentives & Compensation Management

Why Iconixx and not the others? Many of our customers and industry analysts say it’s our demonstrated, seamless scalability and our flexibility to process and automate the most complex of sales incentives plans. Others say it’s our stellar personalities and strong partnership with every customer. What will your reasons be?

Iconixx Sales

Within every sales professional is a primal, quota-crushing beast. If you participate in performance management planning or managing sales compensation, you are the beastmaster. Neither of you has time for inferior tools, poor workflow management, inaccuracies, or confusion. Get Iconixx Sales Compensation Software — and unleash the beast.

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Iconixx Incentives

Boost performance and build employee loyalty with Iconixx Incentives™. Efficiently and clearly create and manage complex structures for discretionary pool bonuses, management-by-objective (MBO) rewards, and noncash payouts and promotions.

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Iconixx Merit

Iconixx Merit™ enables simple design, creation, and management of merit and salary compensation plans that are accurate, flexible, transparent, and accessible — and meet your unique business needs.

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Why Iconixx

Iconixx delivers a new level of visibility to compensation programs across the enterprise — sales, HR, finance, and marketing. With the Iconixx all-inclusive platform, customers simply scale and automate sales commissions, incentive bonuses, and merit/award programs across multiple divisions, teams, and business units.

Fast and Powerful Processing

With a native cloud-based environment, Iconixx rapidly creates, approves, and deploys solution updates. Paired with the fastest processing technology available, we have raised the bar against old, slow incentive compensation software solutions.

Absolute Risk Management

The days of “estimates” are long gone. We are smarter and wiser. We prove it with fixed-fee implementations to contain cost and eliminate risk.

Boundless Flexibility and Configurability

Our flexible, rules-based engine was designed to support complexity. It delivers more features and functionality than any other sales commission software. Why pay more for less?

Live Plan Modeling

Iconixx empowers sales managers to model compensation plans side by side. By leveraging compensation analytics, you can deliver total budget control and visibility into the impacts plan changes have on payouts.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Iconixx is committed to delivering the lowest total cost of ownership solution in the market. Our platform provides all inclusive functionality with no hidden costs. Why? Because we can.

Unrivaled Customer Support

With more than 20 years of experience, Iconixx always brings the best, most seasoned professionals to your support team.

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Iconixx for Your Role

Whether you’re responsible for managing, planning, administering, or directing compensation and salary, Iconixx solutions help you achieve more, efficiently and with greater confidence.

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Iconixx for Your Industry

Iconixx compensation management solutions are intentionally flexible to ensure that they deliver results across all industries, within market segments, and for any employee demographic.

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