Unleashing Success Through Proven Compensation Solutions

Whether you’re talking about sales commissions, incentives and bonuses, or merit awards, one thing is true: Screw it up and your best intentions won’t matter. Worse, your mistake could cost you the loyalty of your employees. Everything else about compensation management — from the plan design to the payment schedule — is all aimed at getting it right where it matters most.

Iconixx delivers compensation management solutions that do nothing less than deliver accurate payments designed for our clients to drive performance day in and day out, sales cycle after sales cycle, year after year. We’ve delivered customer success for global corporations in technology, finance, manufacturing, and several other vibrant, growing industries.

We create customer success by:

  • Listening intently to each customers’ challenges — treating every interaction as an opportunity to learn about what’s important to each customer
  • Responding with solutions that will improve their world by providing the flexibility, accuracy, and scalability to accommodate real-time calculations in complex and rapidly changing environments

In short, we empower companies to leverage commission, incentive, and merit compensation plans to unleash success for your front-line employees — and for the people who manage those programs every day and set the course for your organization’s compensation strategy.

Sales. Incentives and Bonuses. Merit and Award Plans.

Longer than anyone in the industry — and unlike anyone else — we’ve developed and refined a complete suite of compensation products. Iconixx Sales™, Iconixx Incentive™, and Iconixx Merit™ are true one-stop resources for automating every aspect of sales commissions, incentives, bonuses, and merit plans.

Iconixx is different from the rest in four clear key ways. 

  • Automation that makes any plan easy to design, administer, maintain, and manage — and that can scale as your company and its needs grow.
  • Transparency that empowers everyone in the process with visibility into the factors that affect their payments — from commissions to incentives to merit awards. When people know what’s behind the curtain, they’re more motivated to focus on the work that truly matters.
  • Flexibility to confidently automate even the most complex and varied compensation plans, leaving more time for you and your employees to focus on core business activities.
  • Accuracy that eliminates the worry of mistakes that can immediately erode employee confidence and loyalty — and increase your risk of noncompliance.

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