3 Activities to Jump Start Your Sales Team Building

By Brian Thompson,

Building sales team morale and keeping sales employees engaged is an important part in the sales manager’s job. Solid managers know how to create a work environment to inspire the best from their hired hands, and in doing so, often greatly improve employee morale, well-being, and productivity in the process.

Taking time out for sales team building is key to this strategy, and as such, we've got three great team-building activities from experts in the industry to help make your team become the best it can be:

1. Philanthropy 
Taking a step out from the office environment every once in awhile can very beneficial to employees. For sales teams in particular, the opportunity to use their persuasive talents for another, more charitable purpose can motivate and drive results back in the office as well. The Houston Chronicle recommended organizing philanthropic events - like soup kitchen or other local voluntary endeavors - as some solid out-of-office activities for your team.

Encouraging employees to be active in their community not only boosts morale by helping others, but tends to draw teams closer together, around a greater goal than simple money making efforts. In addition, the company and employees will be more valued within the community.

2. Physical Activity 
Daily physical activity can benefit your team in more ways than one. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, workplace health promotion is proven to increase worker stamina, reduce obesity, diminish feelings of depression and greatly lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, when you work out, endorphins (also known as the body's natural pain killer) are released in droves by the body. If not in any serious pain, these serve to typically put the receiver in a fairly good mood. 

Your company doesn't necessarily need the budget to offer its employees gym memberships to improve their daily physical activity. Simply scheduling 15-minute breaks to move their bodies can serve this purpose. According to Greatist, work environments that leave employees feeling valued, included and competent encourage the very best efforts by employees. In addition to daily physical activity, a flexible work schedule can also greatly help to improve workplace happiness, leading to more motivated team members. 

3. Post-work Fun
It doesn't have to be frequent, even only twice per month, but drinks after work can be a great motivator for your team. Business News Daily recommends simply making an attempt to bond with employees, coworkers and colleagues as a solid strategy for motivation. If physical activity can be re-implemented into this mix, by means of team yoga classes, fantasy football leagues, or ping-pong tournaments, all the better. 

But as any manager will know, work isn't just fun and games. Fortunately for managers, however, innovative technology is changing the way supervisors manage their sales teams. Incentive compensation management software organizes and serves as a powerful, background motivational tool for employees. Iconixx offers software that can improve any sales team's production and goals, all while leaving upper management the freedom to fashion a more closely-knit group than ever before.

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